7 pack micromodal men's underwear
7 pack micromodal men's underwear
micromodal 7 pack men's underwear

7-PACK MENS UNDERWEAR | MicroModal/Lycra®

Everyday Luxe MicroModal/Lycra®

95% MicroModal, 5% Lycra

Save up to 25% off men’s 7-day pack underwear!

Time to refresh your underwear drawer with Mosmann Luxe seven-day pack. Experience the silky soft feel of Lenzing MicroModal® everyday of the week.

Tailored fit with Lycra® to hold you in the softest embrace maintaining it’s shape all day and wash after wash. 

MicroModal's softness is immediately noticeable the moment it touches your skin it moves with you effortlessly without resistance. Double layer contoured cup pouch to keep you supported. Start and end your week with the finest every-day luxury underwear.

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SKU: LU704