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Men's Underwear


Important Rules for Underwear

Underwear forms the foundation of every outfit and dress routine. If you’re wearing great underwear that fits well, you’ll look better and feel more confident – so shopping for good underwear shouldn’t be a low priority.

For starters, replace your old underwear on a regular basis. Many men hang onto their undies for far too long. As soon as you notice a hole, rip or fray in a pair, they should go straight in the bin.

It’s a good idea to have at least ten pairs of underwear at any one time. That means one pair for every day of the week, two extra pairs for weekend nights, and one left over for good measure – or emergencies.

Once you find a brand that fits perfectly, stock up. While it’s fine to buy underwear in different colours and fabrics, staying faithful to a particularly well-fitting and comfy brand can be a great investment.

And finally – wash your undies after every use. Loose-fitting underwear won’t give you another day’s worth of wear, so it’s far better to throw them in the washing machine than to carry on regardless.