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Men's Underwear


Overcoming Common Underwear Problems

A lot of undie issues can be easily overcome. With such a vast range of different underwear styles on the market, there’s no need for you to keep putting up with digging waistbands, restrictive pouches or seats that sag.

To avoid chafing and waistbands that dig in, a good solution is to wear a larger size or choose material featuring a synthetic blend without an elastic waistband. Waistbands that are made with soft microfibre, as well as underwear that has encased elastic, can be a great idea. Give boxer briefs a go if you suffer the soreness of inner thighs rubbing together.


If your underwear is too tight on your package, try a contour pouch. Lots of different brands incorporate a contour pouch in the underwear they produce. Pouches vary in terms of the materials used, seam placement and the height of the lift.

When a shapeless seat causes a sagging rear, switch to underwear made from a synthetic blend. These usually conform better to the shape of your backside compared to all-cotton alternatives which are prone to draping. Wearing a low-rise style can sometimes solve the problem of a saggy seat.

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