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Is Expensive Underwear Worth It?

Sweden-based brand RevolutionWear claims that after trying their Frigo No.1 underwear (retailing at $100 per pair), you’ll never feel satisfied with standard boxer briefs again.

RevolutionWear is marketed as “luxury performance underwear”, and they produce different styles of underwear developed by a team of European experts.

 The $100 Frigo No.1 garments feature tiny, laser cut holes that provide targeted ventilation along the rear centre of the garments, as well as a host of other features that help contribute to their comfort.

The patented ‘Frigo Zone’ is a signature feature, consisting of an adjustable interior mesh pouch. It’s separate from the body ever so slightly and is designed to keep your package stable.

Mesh panels are situated along the leg and crotch of the underwear for additional ventilation, and to help solve the problem of underwear riding up your leg, there are hem stabilisers along the leg openings.

The boxer briefs also have a robust, moisture-wicking waistband that won’t keep doubling over.

While the range of features may appeal more to elite athletes, RevolutionWear recognises that they also appeal to the fitness-minded man eager to capitalise on clothing technology to improve everyday performance.