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How to Avoid Underwear Mistakes

May 04, 2015 1 min read

Even though your underwear is (usually) kept under your clothes, there are still some simple but very important tips you should be following.

Unless you’ve got a six-pack and want to flaunt it, leave the tank tops alone. They should never take the place of regular tops and you should probably avoid wearing them in public – they don’t make a good impression.

 Did you know that the average pair of dirty undies contains up to one full gram of faeces? This unsettling statistic, brought to you by Director of Clinical Microbiology at New York University Dr Philip Tierno, should be more than enough motivation to give your underwear a frequent wash. Using a high heat setting is best as this kills more germs.

Don’t tuck a singlet, or any other type of undershirt, into your underwear under any circumstances. It can create the illusion of a pot belly, which is hardly a look you want to go for.

Avoid drying white t-shirts in a hot tumble dryer as this can cause the pits of the t-shirt to turn yellow. Line drying is the best option.

Light underwear shouldn’t be worn under dark shirts and tops. Although dark underwear worn under white outer garments can be sexy, the opposite doesn’t apply to dark tops over light underwear.

Source:  http://www.menshealth.com/style/underwear-mistakes