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Men's Underwear


What Stylists Think of Men’s Underwear

A man’s underwear can say a lot about his personality.

Wearing tighty whities, or briefs in another neutral colour such as grey or black, suggests that the wearer could be trying to hold onto his youth. It could also be the case that he’s a fun-loving guy with a good physique who still loves a party.

 Men who wear boxer briefs that have a long, tight leg are likely to be more willing to experiment than those who wear more standard briefs. A boxer brief wearer may also be very athletic, and knit boxers can look especially good on guys with muscly legs

Boxers are a nice choice for guys in good shape who are under the age of 50, but it’s a good idea to be wary of silky boxers covered in pictures.

Skimpy bikini-style briefs rarely look good on a guy, and tend to put him at risk of over-promoting himself. On guys with a less-than-perfect body, these styles can look even worse.

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