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Men's Underwear


Women Reveal Their Thoughts on Men’s Underwear

Just as ladies in Granny panties can be a huge turn-off, women also have pet peeves when it comes to your ill-fitting boxers, old ugly briefs or dirty underwear of any description.

Those loose boxer shorts with the characters or the sporting insignia that were cutting-edge in high school just won’t cut it for grown men. You’ll look better (and sexier) when you don’t have so much excess baggage under your tailored pants and slim-fit jeans.

 Slim-fit boxers are a much better choice, or even boxer briefs, which can be a comfortable compromise between boxers and undies.

White underwear that’s looking worn or past it’s prime belongs in the garbage, not on your body. It’s recommended that you update your underwear collection approximately every six months or so, preferably with styles that feature a seamless pouch.

Stained, faded undies never look good, and there’s no denying that keeping white underwear clean and bright can be tough. Try switching to black, grey and coloured undies for a sensible solution to discolouration problems.

Athletic underwear – also known as the jockstrap – is important when you need extra protection, but generally speaking, don’t wear it elsewhere.

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