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Men's Underwear


Upgrade Your Underwear

Far too often, underwear is the most neglected element of a man’s wardrobe.

While it probably comes as no surprise that underwear is often an afterthought, committing to an ‘underwear upgrade’ can enhance your style and confidence.

 Your main focus should be on the material of different undergarments. Since this is the piece of clothing that sits closest to your body, it’s very important that the material used is right for your lifestyle.

Cotton is a great choice, especially in warm climates. Cotton also has the advantage of being long-lasting, affordable and easy to wash and wear. It’s the perfect choice for the low-maintenance man.

If you’re into sports, underwear made from nylon is a wise choice. Nylon is great for short intervals of vigorous activity and it also offers dimensional stability, together with freedom and flexibility.

Silk is perhaps the most ideal fabric for underwear. It comes in extensive variety of styles, is comfy, and very soft. As an added bonus, silk has impressive drying and moisture-wicking properties.

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