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Men's Underwear


What Your Underwear Tells Women

Your underwear should only be noticed subliminally. When it is noticed – by an admirer or otherwise – your undies should inform observers that their wearer is clean, hygienic and knows when their underwear is past its use-by date.

Boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs are all good choices for men. Boxers tend to be flattering and briefs are more comfortable, but whatever your preference, it’s important that you realise when it’s time to toss your trunks in the trash.

 If you’ve been raised to believe that a white singlet or undershirt should be worn under dress or business shirts, forget everything you’ve learned. It’s the male equivalent of a visible panty line. No one wants to see it.

Are you in incredible shape? Confident in your physique? Congratulations, you can get away with wearing a tank top. Otherwise, it’s probably best to avoid wearing one in public.

Most importantly, stick to plain styles, subtle patterns, and cleanliness.

Source:  http://www.menshealth.com/style/underwear-women