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Underwear Hassles and How to Fix Them

Shorts and shirts can often cause a variety of irritating hassles, but there are some straightforward and creative ways to find solutions to some common problems.

If your boxer shorts are bunching up and are visible under your slim-cut pants, just abandon the shorts altogether. Instead, invest in some boxer briefs, which sit closer to the body and help you out with creating that sleek, tailored look.

 T-shirts are essential for summer, and you can dress them up for anything from work functions to casual barbecues with your mates. Pair your favourite tee with a stylish cotton or linen jacket to create the perfect casual-but-polished summer look.

If you’d rather avoid baring your torso to passers-by at the pool, a brightly-coloured polo shirt can help create a relaxed poolside look while keeping your comfort and confidence in consideration.

Button-down shirts may look stylish, but they can require a lot of upkeep and ironing. Look for cotton or cotton-polyester blend shirts that feature ‘no iron’ or ‘wrinkle-free’ labels to save time and keep maintenance to a minimum.

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