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What Women Think of Your Underwear

If you’re wondering whether she’s paying attention to your underwear, the answer is yes, she is. To make a good impression on the special lady in your life, it pays to take care of what you wear.

Generally speaking, a great pair of boxers will give you confidence and comfort – and when you feel great, you look great too. It goes without saying that they’re a less appealing option if they’re not clean or have holes and tears in the fabric.

 Briefs can be inoffensive enough but some women might find them a little immature. Plus, they’re not good for your jewels. Try going for a classic pair of boxer briefs, which are less restrictive and come in a range of styles and colours.

Tank tops with thin spaghetti straps are cringeworthy, even if you’ve got the body for it. If you’ve got a hot six-pack and want to flaunt it, go for something with more fabric over your shoulders.

Finally, thongs are never a good option. Ever. They’re just not necessary for most men to wear. Bikini-cut undies are rarely a good choice either, so leave them in your drawers.

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