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Men's Underwear


Finding the Right Underwear

Guys traditionally wear the same styles of underwear for most of their lives. But as fashion becomes increasingly important, it pays to think about whether there are better underwear styles for you.

Most men choose from three main styles: briefs, loose boxers, or tight-fitting boxer shorts. According to the Ultimate Underwear Survey, over 57% of men opt for briefs, 18% prefer tight boxers, and 29% like boxers with a bit more room to move. The survey also showed that the vast majority of men don’t have a lot of interest in following fashion trends, preferring to stick to the styles they know.

 Briefs are generally considered plain and old-fashioned these days. Their elastic bands are too tight for some and might restrict blood circulation. However, others find they can be practical, supportive and more comfortable than loose boxer shorts.

Looser boxers are best for sleeping, but not so good for training or a day at the office. Despite the survey results, tight boxers are the way to go for most situations, offering comfort and a smooth appearance under tighter-fitting pants.

The easiest solution is to buy a pair of each, and try them out for different activities before deciding on which is right for you.