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Dress to Impress At Work


A few years ago, Swiss bank UBS developed a meticulous dress code for its staff, and all 43 pages of the document immediately began to circulate through a range of media outlets.

The dress code had some crazy, over-the-top rules. For instance: 

  • A recommendation that men should visit the barber every four weeks
  • Male staff should not have three-day stubble
  • Women are encouraged to wear nude-coloured underwear
  • A ban on socks featuring cartoon motifs.

While some of the rules were nonsensical, the dress code still carried an important message. As tough economic times force employers and employees to lift standards of dress, workers can’t afford to have a sloppy appearance – which could mean they have a sloppy attitude as well.

Rather than being offended by strict dress codes, you can use these expectations to your own advantage. If you dress well, you immediately stand out from the crowd in the office and create a better impression.

There may well be competition amongst colleagues in your workplace, and clothing is just one element that helps you project an air of maturity and polish.

Source:  http://blogs.menshealth.com/health-headlines/the-new-rules-of-office-attire/2010/12/22