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Men's Underwear


Choosing the Best Fit For You

Men have traditionally preferred either boxers or briefs, but now the line between them is becoming increasingly blurred, with new styles bringing together the best features of each.

More men’s briefs are featuring a longer leg, which looks like a boxer but fits like a brief. Boxers are also being made from knit materials rather than just the cotton fabric commonly associated with older men.

 With the waistlines of many pants falling lower, boxers have become the preferred choice of underwear for many younger men.

Underwear tops come in a number of different styles. Most are short-sleeved or have no sleeves and are made from a cotton blend material, which can be ribbed or flat.

When it comes to the different styles of T shirts and tank tops available, the choices include figure-hugging contoured varieties or roomier, loose-fitting styles. The same goes for underwear bottoms, which can be fitted or more relaxed.

Because it’s not possible to try on packaged underwear in stores, finding the most comfortable size and style can often be a matter of trial and error. Read the package carefully to make sure you are buying the exact kind of underwear you’re looking for.