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Men's Underwear


Men’s Underwear: What to Choose and What to Avoid

Most women notice men’s underwear, and although it’s a basic item that is rarely seen by others, it’s still worth wearing an attractive pair.

High-end designer labels don’t always mean the underwear is stylish, sexy or attractive. Be on the lookout for masculine, understated colours and cuts.

 Boxer briefs are one of the safest options as they look good on almost everyone. They’re practical, come in a wide range of colours, and have a high comfort factor.

Conventional boxers are also a good choice, and should be made of a stretch fabric. They should never be long enough to reach your knees.

Classic tighty whities are outdated and unsexy, not to mention commonly associated with little boys. If they’re faded, marked, or discoloured, they belong in the bin. Darker colours for briefs are best, so try opting for black, navy or burgundy.

Bikini-style underwear or G-strings should be avoided altogether. They almost never look good and are widely considered unattractive.

Generally, it’s a good idea to always choose underwear made from soft, stretch cotton that fits your waist. Always have a fresh supply of underwear, and make sure to avoid underwear with animal and other novelty prints, or pieces that are too low cut.