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Queen’s University censors Underwear Art Display

An artwork display by a Queen’s University student was censored at the last minute after officials decided that it could make attendees at a donor appreciation event uncomfortable. David Woodward’s project, “All I Am is What I’ve Felt”, features 10 pairs of embroidered men’s briefs.

The work was designed to be a perspective on sexuality and intimacy.

Officials asked Woodward to remove his display less than 30 minutes before the event. While Woodward agreed to the request for removal, he claimed that the event was handled unfairly and that censorship of art is never acceptable.

Woodward revealed that he contacted officials in the time leading up to the event and sent in his website link to the event’s organisers beforehand. Prior to the event, the organisers had told him that what he decided to bring was “up to” him.

The vice president of advancement at Queen’s University, Tom Harris, said he has apologised to Woodward for what happened. He stated that he was looking into ways in which they could avoid similar incident happening in the future.