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Men's Underwear


Men Becoming More Like Women in Fashion Stakes

Trends have shown that men are becoming more like women by being more proactive and interested in their fashion choices. According to Nick Graham, CEO of NGO Inc. that specialises in men’s apparel and accessories, an increasing number of men want to know how they can dress better.

Graham noted that 25 years ago, women purchased 80 per cent of men’s underwear. Today, the majority of men make their own underwear purchases. He believes that men are changing in how they approach fashion, and that they are becoming more adventurous and independent.

 Graham refers to this trend as the “Post-Prep” phenomenon, a “Darwinian evolution” that sees men not only becoming more interested in their attire but also making creative choices about it.

While the Prep world provides conservative and limited choices for men, the Post-Prep market offers men a greater ability to express themselves through their fashion choices.

In such a market, more men will start considering elements such as colour, pattern, design, and fabrics. They may begin to buy clothes more frequently, as women already do in comparison with men.