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Men's Underwear


Guide to Men’s Underwear

Having the right underwear is about fit and comfort. Knowing the types of underwear that go with different body types can be helpful for men looking for the right fit and style.

Boxers and boxer briefs

Boxers are probably the most common type of underwear available for men. This style fits every body shape, and the open-fly design makes it a convenient design for the wearer. Those who like the boxer design but find it too loose could consider boxer briefs.


Briefs are another popular option, and these include low-rise and high-rise briefs. Briefs are fitted to the buttocks and provide less coverage than boxers.


Trunks are a hybrid of the boxer and the brief, with a square cut and a comfortable fit. Trunks are versatile options for any body type.


Bikinis for men are more popular in Europe than elsewhere in the world. They are high cut, and are usually worn for tanning purposes. In the US, bikinis are predominantly only found on bodybuilders.

Long Underwear

Long underwear is usually worn under regular clothing for an extra layer of protection against the cold. These are shaped like leggings and are suitable for any body type.