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French Business produced Self-Perfuming Men’s Underwear

French company Le Slip Francais recently released a line of self-perfuming men’s underwear. The underwear features perfume microcapsules that are embedded into the fabric. The microcapsules release a musk and pear scent when the wearer sweats.

The new line has been dubbed “The Indomitable” for its ability to cover body odour. According to the company’s press release, the self-perfuming effect occurs when the wearer starts walking. The microcapsules remain effective for up to 30 washes, and the underwear is available in both boxers and briefs.

 Guillaume Gibault, who came up with the idea for a self-perfuming underwear for men, said that the perfume was a “masculine scent” that was not too strong and overwhelming.

Gibault added that the line was expected to realise as much as $1 million in sales in the first year. He stated that should the line be a success, the company will expand into scented t-shirts and swimming suits.