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Men's Underwear


Shopping for Men’s Underwear

According to Kevin Page of the Rotorua Daily Post, shopping for men’s underwear can be an uncomfortable experience. When out one weekend with his wife, Page found himself and his wife in the men’s section at the local department store.

His wife’s gentle suggestion for a particular type of underwear brought back embarrassing memories of shopping for underpants with his mother. Within the view of young girls that Page knew, Page’s mother had held an old-fashioned pair of underpants to the then-18-year-old to check their fit.

 While shopping, the present day Page pondered the mechanics and practicality of a men’s G-string, which to him looked like a handkerchief with strings.

His personal preference is for men’s underwear that is reliable and offers extra support on the backside for those who sit all day.

Page’s anecdotes of his underwear shopping experiences suggested that perhaps men should be left to their own devices when shopping for something as personal as underwear, or better yet they should do it online.