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New Online Fashion Strategy Simplifies Men’s Shopping

Online fashion retailers are trying a new strategy to entice shoppers, especially male consumers. Innovative businesses such as Mosmann are giving subscribers the choice to try and choose before they buy – all from the comfort of their own homes.

These new retailers often pick a selection and send subscribers a box of options. Once the shopper has tried the selection, they pay for what they want to keep and send the remainder back to the retailer.

 This strategy reflects the fact that men prefer ‘hunting’ over browsing or gathering when it comes to shopping. Subscriptions are usually free of charge, and because the items are sent directly to the shopper it is as hassle-free as possible.

Shoppers sign up by entering their details, including sizes, into the web form. They can specify what they want or have the stylist provide them with recommendations.

According to Chrys Chrysos of Mosmann, both men and women enjoy the subscription service because it offers convenience and helps them save time.