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Johnny Depp prefers Going Commando

It was recently revealed that award-winning actor Johnny Depp prefers going without underwear, or, as it is often put, ‘going commando’. The star of mega hit movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland stated in an interview that he rarely wears underwear.

This choice, however, has not come without consequences. Depp admitted that when he found a hole in his jeans, he patched the hole up with tape because of his preference for going commando. He was then asked if he preferred going commando, to which he replied, ‘That’s the general approach.’

 Depp said that he looked for duct tape quickly, patched up his jeans, and continued wearing them, as he was running late.

Depp, who recently starred in The Lone Ranger, discovered the tear in his jeans when he was on his way to his son’s school for a performance. He claimed that he discovered the tear when he found himself reaching back to see if he had his passport and wallet.

The tear was a large one, so it was fortunate that Depp realised that there was a tear and was able to repair it before he stole the show from his son.