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Manchester is the Grey Underwear Capital

New research has shown that the ladies of Manchester are the most likely to be wearing greyed-out white underwear than women in any other British city. While most people know that they need to throw out white underwear when it turns grey, Manchester’s lady residents tend to have the most greying underwear in their possession, according to laundry expert group Dr Beckmann.

The research revealed that on average female residents in the United Kingdom have about 18 pieces of white underwear. In Manchester, two-thirds of 12 pairs of panties or bras are grey and not their original colour.

Dr Beckmann’s research suggested that the cause is usually age or incorrect laundering habits. These Manchester figures are in stark contrast to the numbers from London, where on average each lady has only three items (16%) of greyed-out underwear.

According to Dr Beckmann spokesman Susan Fermor, the ladies of Manchester are probably washing their underwear at the wrong temperature, too often, and doing so with other non-white items.