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What Underwear Reveals about the Wearer

A person’s choice of underwear can reveal something about the wearer’s personality, lifestyle, and habits. Here are some common types of underwear and what they might say about the wearer.

Pink panties

Wearing pink panties can show that the wearer is young at heart. She might also have a strong preference for a simple and chic style when it comes to fashion.

Lace panties

Women who love lace panties are said to delicate, fashionable, and bold. They like to show off their curves.


Women who enjoy wearing bikini-styles have a flirty, bold, and colourful outlook. They like colours and do not mind showing some skin.


Women who wear panties with slogans on them like to express their thoughts through their outfits and tend to have a good sense of humour.

V string

Wearers of V strings like to have a consistent, appealing look for themselves and for their partner.

G string

A large proportion of women have at least one pair of G string panties. G string wearers love being stylish yet comfortable, and hate visible panty lines.