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Underwear Tips for Wardrobe Malfunctions

Whether it is the weather or a case of forgotten underwear, there are many things that can lead to a wardrobe malfunction. There are many prevention strategies when it comes to underwear and avoiding embarrassing malfunctions.

Undergarments and accessories

Choose the right undergarments and accessories to suit the outfit. Tailor your choice of bras and underwear to match the specific outfits to avoid unnecessary accidents or malfunctions. For example, a different bra or type of tape could be necessary for different outfits.

 Right Fit

Underwear should fit correctly, and fit is more important than fashion trends. Not every fashion trend will suit a particular body shape, and the wearer should make sure the design and size suits their body.


Checking clothing in the natural light or daylight can help a wearer avoid embarrassing errors. Natural light can show more than artificial lighting. Tights, skirts, shirts, and other items of clothing should be checked for opacity in natural light.