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Men's Underwear


The 5 Don’ts of Mens Underwear

When it comes to underwear, everyone has a personal style that they prefer. However, no matter what you prefer there are some things that should never be done.

Here we have a list of what not to do:

  • Don’t go commando – Whether you call it ‘Commando’, ‘Free-balling’ or ‘Letting Loose’, it is never acceptable. Just think of what would happen if a wardrobe mishap occurred!
  • Avoid the ‘Man-Panties’ – If it looks like it was designed for a woman, AVOID IT! It shouldn’t look like you ran out of clean underwear and borrowed your girlfriend’s panties.
  • No stains – This applies not only to underwear but to singlets and t-shirts too. If there are yellow sweat stains on your clothing, then treat yourself to some clean and fresh white garments.
  • Boxers and suit trousers don’t mix – Boxers are great for sleeping in, and are even fine under jeans or tracksuit pants, but avoid wearing them with suit trousers. The bulkiness of the boxer legs will look unflattering and obvious.
  • Underwear is private – Don’t go flashing your underwear around in private, even if it is brand new and you love the colour. Keep it private for where it counts – behind closed doors.