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Men's Underwear


Short Shorts are Here to Stay

With hot weather on the way – perhaps hotter than ever before – the time has come for men to embrace short shorts with renewed vigour.

Thigh-exposing shorts have a long history.

In the past it was a seen as a symbol of entering into manhood when you donned your first pair of long pants, but nowadays men have realized that manhood and hemlines don’t have much in common.

 In the 1920s, men’s swimwear was sewn using oodles of fabric that only served to weigh them down, while in the 60s and 70s boxers and NBA players alike finally cottoned on to just how cool short shorts could be.

Sports heroes from the 80s embraced the ease of short shorts, and throughout the 90s and the new millennium, grungers and nerds both experimented with absorbing some Vitamin D via the lower limbs.

Lets face it – shorts are easy to move in and cooler all round. In fact, for men they are probably a healthier option as they allow air to circulate more freely.

And short shorts can definitely attract attention. These days they radiate masculinity and sex appeal. Try a pair of short shorts today and enjoy the freedom, not to mention the fact that they’ll make you look taller!