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Like Honey to the Bee, is a Woman to a ‘T’

According to a recent study conducted by Nottingham Trent University, wearing a white T-shirt with a black ‘T’ on the front improves a man’s chance of attracting a female.

The study, which was conducted on thirty women, revealed that the ‘T’ improves the wearer’s waist to chest ratio to heighten their masculinity and attractiveness.

 The women were shown images of men with different physiques wearing a plain white T-shirt and were asked to rate their health, attractiveness and intelligence.

When asked to rate men wearing T-shirts with upright and then upside down ‘Ts’ on the front, the study revealed that upright ‘Ts’ increased attractiveness by 10% while upside down ‘Ts’ – which accentuated stomachs and hips – reduced it.

The study also reported that as the thickness of the ‘T’ increased, so too did the male’s perceived attractiveness. Researchers found that the thickness of the ‘T’ did not alter their perceived intelligence, however.