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The Evolution of Men’s Underwear

May 11, 2015 1 min read

Men’s underwear preferences vary constantly.

Free form boxer shorts, which were traditionally made from cotton or silk, are now less popular than they were back in the 80s. They have been superseded by the close fitting lycra truck, which comes with complex fibres and added ‘ball control.’

 Fitted trunks meet the needs of today’s more active male and can be classified as either the classic trunk, midi or hipster, depending on the leg size or where they sit on the waist or hip.

In general, they keep everything contained, yet still allow for airflow in the crotch.

As fitted trucks rise in popularity, briefs are fast becoming the least well-liked variation of men’s underwear available.

Despite their streamlined appearance and excellent support, briefs are waning in popularity due to their ill-fitting rear design that seems to either add bagginess to bottoms or result in an undesired ‘wedgie’.

However, men’s thongs, which are usually made from breathable micro-fibres or cotton, appear to be gaining in popularity with sportsmen and athletes choosing them for the superior support they provide.

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