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An Ode to the 90s Metrosexual

Metrosexual trendsetters from the 90s need to be thanked – they started the male evolution into slim-cut pants with the help of undetectable underwear, and sought out a more diverse range of underpant colours beyond the pre-90s limits of navy, black, grey and white.

The term metrosexual was first coined in 1994, and referred to a hetrosexual male who cared about his appearance in a way that was perceived as feminine; since then we have come to realize that the majority of men care about how they look.


Just think back 20 years to when slim-cut pants were the sole purview of emo kids with eyeliner. These days, slim fit suits are commonly found in workplaces, while skinnier casual plants are an item now found in most wardrobes.

But the notion of the metrosexual also extended to change how men perceived underwear, with trunk-style jocks and micro briefs now popular options for the modern man.

Yes, thanks go to the metrosexuals of the 90s, for they allowed men to take pride in their appearance and to demand more variety as a result.