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#Menswear: Bane or Blessing?

According to Alexander Aciman’s recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, men are now more adept at dressing themselves well but are losing their individuality as a result.

The opinion piece stated that the culprit was #menswear, an online fashion forum that brings up large volumes of similar images of men’s fashion trends.

 Aciman believes that men heavily rely on web images and adhere too closely to trends, which includes wearing wingtips without socks and rolling jeans at the ankles.

These trends prevent men from thinking about what they would really like to wear.

Although trends are popularized by #menswear, the article failed to address the shift towards better cut and quality that is occurring in men’s fashion.

Items that are well-made and comprise of high quality fabric are sought after, while fit is also a major factor used to determine what a man will decide to wear.

The argument for the #menswear online forum is relevant. Men are catching up with women, and, like their feminine counterparts, they gain ideas from different sources before they are able to establish their own style, if they haven’t already.

Source: http://www.watoday.com.au/executive-style/style/can-men-dress-themselves-20130728-2qt4u.html