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Summer Fashion Tips for Men

May 11, 2015 1 min read

Fashionista, cool cat and blogger, Donte, has some tips on how men can dress stylishly when attending pool parties or day parties during the summertime.

Donte divided men who attend pool parties into two groups – those that will be swimming and those that won’t.

 Non swimmers can dress in cool and comfortable clothes like T-shirts, flip flops and fedoras. However, it is recommended that they avoid denim, as it retains the heat and fades when it gets wet. Khakis, coloured chinos and linen are good material options.

For men who want to swim but haven’t been working out all winter, Donte offered these tips:

  • Opt for board shorts if you’re tall and thin, as they sit lower on your waist to reveal the cut in your abs, which means you can also pull off brighter colours.
  • If you have a belly, avoid board shorts. Choose traditional swimming shorts that expose more leg to make you appear taller, while darker colours will also be more flattering.

Source: http://yourchicisshowing.com/2013/07/26/mens-style-a-day-at-the-pool/