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Nautical is a Safe Bet for Summer

There are several trends that seem to stick around for year after year and yet always manage to look stylish, and one of these is the nautical look.

Whether it’s done through red t-shirts with white stripes, navy boat shoes or gold buttons embellished with anchors, this look always appears fresh and breezy – though it is recommended to not wear all of these at once unless you’re off to a sailor-themed fancy dress party.

 For guys, a great sailor look is a casual blue and white striped t-shirt paired with shorts and casual shoes. For girls, why not steal your guy’s striped t-shirt, add a red belt and channel your inner pin-up girl with a sailor mini-dress?

There’s something in the nautical style that will suit everyone, and the best thing is that because of its timeless style, next season you’ll still be able to wear it!