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Men's Underwear


How do You Wear Your Underwear?


If you are aware of your underwear, then you are probably wearing the wrong type.

Undergarments should be comfortable yet stylish and durable, no matter what you are doing. Yet where to start? There are so many options, styles and fabrics to choose from, most blokes get overwhelmed at the sheer volume of choice.

To work out what type of underwear is best for your specific lifestyle, this handy guide explains the basic rules of men’s underwear.

 Loose boxer shorts are great for men with desk jobs or stuck sitting for long periods. They offer maximum airflow without cutting off circulation and can be designed in a wide variety of fabrics. Loose boxers are definitely not recommended for intense physical activity, as they offer little ‘support’ in the nether region!

Fitted boxers shape to the body, offer good support for the package and are generally made from an elastic or lycra-based material. These are popular with the office worker who likes to duck out for some exercise at lunch.

Jocks or briefs are the choice of the sportsman. Moulding to the body, briefs offer maximum support in all areas with a minimal amount of material and give the assurance that everything will stay tucked in neatly.

A relatively  recent addition to the range of underwear options is the long-legged boxer short. Similar in design to a grandpa’s long johns, the long boxer is made from a cotton stretch material and elastane blend. This creates underwear with inbuilt compression and reduces friction resistance, which makes them perfect for those intense workouts.