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T-shirt Rules – Are You Getting it Right?

T-shirts have slowly taken over men’s fashion, and after spending the week in work clothes, who could blame a bloke for wanting to wear something comfortable? The problem is, t-shirts are being worn to places where a t-shirt shouldn’t be seen, especially the inappropriate ones.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to follow the unspoken rules of t-shirts.

 Rule number one is NEVER tuck your t-shirt into your shorts or pants if you aren’t at work. That is, unless you’re trying to play the role of the geek.

Rule number two is to make sure it actually fits. Nothing looks worse than a baggy, oversized t-shirt which is reminiscent of a sack. The sleeves should sit no further than three quarters of the way down the bicep and should sit comfortably on the hips.

Rule number three is to keep tank tops out of public. They are perfect for performing home maintenance. Full stop.

Rule number four is to restrict the amount of printed t-shirts in the wardrobe, especially after the 30th birthday. Nothing screams juvenile more than a t-shirt with a big cartoon character and ridiculous slogan on the front.

And finally, if you are a heavy sweater, stick to cotton blends for maximum breathability to avoid those embarrassing wet patches.

Source: http://brownroadchronicles.com/2013/08/10/a-guide-for-men-five-rules-for-wearing-t-shirts/