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A Few Secrets to Conquer Men’s Fashion

Who understands men’s fashion? Men certainly don’t, that’s for sure. And with the changes in the way the industry operates now compared to twenty years ago, who can blame them for their confusion – painted nails and highlights are definitely not something our dads would have considered!

For those wanting to understand the world of men’s fashion, these hints should help you on the way.

  • Fashion of any description is not about following the herd. For clothing to work, the style must match your body or you just end up looking ridiculous. For example, straight legged jeans will make a tall man seem taller, so if you’re already tall then don’t jump on that bandwagon.
  • There is power in a good fitted jacket. Rather than sticking with last year’s shapeless sack, invest in a good coat that will emphasise the body’s natural physique.
  • Fashion is about pampering the self-image. There is a fine line between being seen as a modern metrosexual man and appearing gay. Although the metrosexual has no problems with dressing out of the comfort zone, knowing what works is important. Here’s our advice – pink painted nails probably aren’t appropriate for work. Stick to clear varnish.
  • Shoes are important. Comparable to a woman’s handbag, the wrong shoes can destroy a carefully constructed outfit. If in doubt, seek a woman’s advice.

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