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Shorts are Back – When did they Leave?

Fashion experts thought that they were revealing something new when denim shorts were declared the trend of summer. Easy to dress up or dress down, this enduring and versatile fabric is now the favourite of Calvin Klein and Valentino.

But when did it ever really go out of fashion?

Generations of Aussie males have grown up in denim shorts, mainly manufactured by standing on the kitchen table – shaking – while mum hacks off the legs of a pair of old jeans. These days, fashion designers have taken over the design, meaning denim jeans just got a whole lot more stylish.

 With that in mind, these tips from fashion experts will have you in the right shorts every time.

Firstly, remember that whatever the style, denim shorts are still for casual wear: barbeques, summer parties and other casual social events are ok, but it’s probably best to not wear them to an expensive restaurant or the theatre.

Remember that length is the key: just above the knee is perfect. Too long and they’ll make you look like a gangster and too short – well, let’s just leave a some things to the imagination.

Solid unbleached denims are great for a dressier style, especially those with minimal stressing. A faded worn denim is generally the most comfortable and is seen as the traditional street wear of the summer.