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History’s Major Players of Underwear Styles

May 11, 2015 2 min read

Men like their underwear. Now one of the major features in department stores worldwide, men’s underwear is one of the big-selling fashion items. However, not so long ago the variety wasn’t quite so vast.

Imagine having only two styles of underwear to choose from. Well, 40 years ago that was the reality for men. They had the standard boxer short or the traditional shapeless jocks (which were either too tight or too loose).

Manufacturers eventually changed their thinking and new styles emerged: these five are considered major game changers in the underwear world.

  • The standard jockstrap is carried by most brands but was originally an item solely for athletes. Designed for maximum support in all areas, the jockstrap is popular for holding everything firmly in place.
  • Y-back thongs smashed the stigma of thongs and fetishes by becoming the first to be displayed in department stores. The simple design of a pouch and y-shaped elastic to the back attached to the waistband of a pair of jocks changed the face of mens underwear forever.
  • The boxer brief is basically a tight fitting boxer made with a lycra-type material, yet its creation was a major game changer – many companies got serious with creating hybrids after their release.
  • Major League baseballer Jim Palmer introduced the world to bikini briefs in the 70’s by strutting his stuff across television screens everywhere, successfully shocking viewers worldwide. The bikini brief was one of the first alternative styles to standard briefs.
  • The advent of fashion briefs on the market gave men a certain sexiness. The figure hugging briefs appeared in the 80’s and were quickly embraced by the male population.

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