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Unique Vintage Shirts the Easy Way

Become the king of fashion – and save a packet in the process – by creating your own range of unique vintage shirts. This relatively simple process requires minimal effort, meaning you can upgrade your wardrobe over the space of a weekend.

First you will need to organise some fine grit sandpaper, 2 cups of salt, a quarter of a cup of sodium carbonate washing soda and of course whatever fashion items are to be ‘vintaged.’ With t-shirts, it is recommended to go a size larger to compensate for shrinkage.

 If the shirt has a print, use the sandpaper to lightly scruff it up. Remember to use a swirling type motion to make the aging look natural.

Mix the salt and washing soda together. Throw the shirt into the machine and fill with hot water and a bit of washing powder, finally adding the salt and washing soda. Wash as usual and repeat the process half a dozen times. If possible, dry the shirt on the hottest setting in the clothes drier between washes to break the fibres down faster.

And voila! You have a vintage-looking t-shirt at an affordable price.