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Men's Underwear


Keeping the Package Healthy

Keeping the package healthy is rarely a topic that pops up in men’s conversations – yet it is one of the most important parts a male has. These handy hints take the guesswork of men’s health and will keep those precious bits in tip top condition.

  • When playing sport, always use protection. Jocks or briefs are a starting point to keep everything tucked in, but a protective cup will drastically reduce injuries if a hit occurs. Avoid cotton blends to avoid chafe.
  • For men who spend most of their time in the office, wearing boxer shorts is better for blood circulation and airflow. Boxers should also be the choice of men wanting to become dads – did you know that tight undies can lower fertility simply by making the area hot and sweaty?
  • Always keep the area clean and dry to prevent chafing. A range of oils are available to reduce tenderness and swelling if chafing occurs. To prevent this, always keep the area clean and dry and try to find soft underwear with minimal seams and bumps.