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Six Tips for Dressing Hubby

May 11, 2015 1 min read

With spring now here, what better time to spring clean hubby’s wardrobe and introduce him to modern fashion. This simple advice will update your man’s style without leaving a massive hole in the budget.

  • Try to base a few outfits around his favourite jeans or shorts. Adding a new shirt and belt can do wonders for those old Levi’s.
  • If buying t-shirts, make sure they actually fit. T-shirts are supposed to be reasonably well-fitted without looking too tight or like a potato sack. The trend in styles this year is leaning towards graphics, patterns and stripes, with a great range of solid bright colours also available. If you’ve had too much winter comfort food and need a looser fit, experts advise square traditional cut shirts work best.
  • Tailored shorts are all the rage this summer: Spruce up his favourite shirt with a pair of long stylish shorts, complete with cuffs and big pockets.
  • Always know what you are looking for before leaving the house and stick to the shopping plan.
  • Every man needs a dressy shirt, one that fits like a glove and emphasises their natural physique.
  • Quality clothing is always the best option.

Source: http://bbeingcool.com/2013/08/what-he-wore-mens-spring-fashion-dfo-ambassador/