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Spice Up Your T-Shirt

May 11, 2015 1 min read

A t-shirt is like every person’s best friend – it is reliable, offers comfort and is ready for any occasion. In saying that, you don’t want to wear your favourite rock shirt out for tea – it’s important to remember that not every t-shirt is the right one.

Wearing a t-shirt generally screams ‘casual,’ but these tips will help your t-shirt become the main staple of your outfits.

Time off work means t-shirt time. Paired with a favourite pair of comfy jeans, the two make perfect companions for that relaxed weekend. Graphics and printed designs are best for casual wear in public, while plain tee’s are perfect for chill-time.

When it comes to Saturday night and it’s time to hit the town, add some flair to your best party pants with a fancier styled t-shirt. Accessorise with a pair of snappy shoes and voila – you’re dressed to kill.

Nothing to wear to that important job interview on Monday morning? No hassles. Add some class to a t-shirt with a stylish designer jacket and polished shoes, and you’ll be heading straight for success.