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Men's Underwear


Get the Best for Your Summer Swimwear

The first rule of men’s swimwear – actually any swimwear – is that it should be comfortable. Being self-conscious of what you are wearing at the beach makes for an uncomfortable day out.

So with that in mind, these swimwear fashion tips from experts will help any male wade through the multitudes of swimwear design choices faced in shops everywhere.

  • To flatter your figure, swimwear should fit properly – tight swimmers make a belly look pudgy but swimmers that are too big just swamp the waistline (plus you run the risk of losing them in the water!).
  • Be brave and choose a bold print or colour. This season’s range have an amazing selection of patterns and materials that are guaranteed to get attention. Many of these materials are made to dry quickly, making the journey from the pool to the bar that bit easier.
  • Swimming shorts should sit around 2 inches above the knee. Anything longer than that just makes things awkward in the water.