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Jumpers for All

Everyone needs at least one jumper for every season. Once made solely for men, women and kids are now also offered a vast range of jumpers in any style, pattern or material imaginable.

Fashion experts say the trend for jumpers has spread worldwide.

What type of jumper you invest in is a personal choice. Heavy zippered jumpers are great for colder months to replace that worn winter coat, while a jumper made of lightweight material can complement that summer outfit.

 If you’re not really a zipper-type person, head straight for the pull-over jumpers. These too come in hot and cold weather designs, as well as short sleeved versions for something different.

Women have the option of loose and baggy jumpers or the figure hugging version, and if you’re ever stuck then just borrow a friend’s!

Whatever jumper you prefer, make sure you stick to the rule of not mixing too many patterns or designs with the outfit –including what is worn underneath. Keep it simple to keep it fashionable.