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Anna Kendrick on Underwear and Autographs

Apparently, Anna Kendrick is hard to impress and easy to embarrass.

The Pitch Perfect star recently admitted that one of her worst moments involved being asked for an autograph while she was holding pairs of underwear, closely followed by some bad dates. Kendrick may have been in a long term relationship until recently, but when it comes to dating rules she claimed to have it down pat.

 Kendrick shared some of her key dating advice.

  • Never talk about morbid depressing subjects on a first date. This includes the finer details of your family life – you don’t want to scare away your date!
  • You should always offer to pay – regardless of whether your date accepts the proposal, it is just plain rude not to at least offer.
  • Alcohol is a good way to loosen up the nerves to get to know your date: just don’t overdo it.
  • Location doesn’t really matter that much as long as you put in some effort. If someone is trying to make a date romantic, it will work anywhere. Expensive doesn’t always equal romantic.