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The Hot Bikini to the Not Mankini – Men and Womens Swimwear

What would a woman do without her bikini, or a man do without his speedos and/or boardshorts? They wouldn’t survive!

This summer, before heading off to that favourite beach, take a moment to reflect on the complex and rich history of the humble swimmers.

  • The first bikini actually appeared in the 4th century in Sicily. Archaeologists discovered a mosaic of two women clad in skimpy bikini-type clothing frolicking together.
  • The name bikini actually originated from French designer Louis Reard when he released his G-string swimsuit in 1946. He called it a bikini after a South Pacific Island which was the site for the atomic bomb testing – Reard wanted his the swimsuit to have the same explosive effect.
  • Marilyn Monroe immortalised the bikini forever in the 1950’s after posing in her yellow polka dot design, creating a massive trend with swimwear globally and even inspiring a song.
  • The ‘Mankini’ is a more recent, yet questionable addition to the range of men’s swimwear options. Created by Sacha Baron Cohen, this fluorescent green monstrosity is basically a large G-string that sits over the shoulders instead of the waist. This is definitely not recommended for respectable males! We advise that you go with a traditional pair of boardshorts instead.