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A University’s Mans Fashion Checklist

There are some wardrobe essentials that every young man needs when he moves away for university. Before that first semester starts, get your fashion sorted out with these tips from The Cornell Daily Sun and be the best-dressed bloke on campus.

  • Belts – You will need one for casual wear and a nice leather one for making a good impression.
  • New running shoes are necessary to look swish in the gym. Make sure you also pack a pair of boating shoes and some converse type shoes for everyday wear.
  • A hooded jumper is essential for every wardrobe. Keep up with this years latest trends, but don’t sacrifice comfort for style.
  • Dressy clothes – you never know what invitations will arrive throughout term. Make sure you remember to include a watch with your smarter outfit to complete that classy look.
  • A heavy coat for cold night-time outings.
  • A stack of plain t-shirts – The more the better. Outfits are easy to mix and match with a few basic t-shirts, and they can also be used to layer under other shirts in cooler weather.