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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Shorts

here are unspoken rules to wearing shorts. For those men who are a little unsure of what style or length to go for this season, this guide from We Learners will help you with the do’s and don’t of 2013 to avoid that geeky look.

  • If you are shorter than 170 cm’s (or 5’7), wear shorts slightly above the knee to make you look taller. Taller men should wear longer shorts that are at least below the knee so that their legs don’t look so long.
  • Patterns and printed shorts are fun, but for a stylish elegance stick to linen, cotton, denim or other quality fabrics.
  • Lash out and invest in some coloured shorts to create multiple looks with a couple of basic styled, neutral shirts. Fashionable shades this season are yellows, reds, pinks, blues and greens … the brighter the better.
  • Always make sure shorts are the right size. Remember, baggy = daggy.
  • For a super-sexy look, try a pair of short-shorts – you’re guaranteed to turn some heads.