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Sell Your Knickers and Buy a New Pair

For the male who wants to indulge in something a little different, the world of internet shopping can open that door in a private way without the embarrassment of having to be face-to-face with the sales assistant.

Sites cater to every whim imaginable – but one of the most surprisingly popular sites that are popping up everywhere are online stores selling used women’s underwear. Yes, as weird as it sounds, knickers are top sellers, with men willing to pay more for the longer they are worn.

 A strange but lucrative business, women seem to be all too happy to sell off their used underwear – after all, what better reason could there be to go shopping for more?

Photos are the key to good sales. If the underwear is modelled, they have a fair chance of selling quickly – and are likely to fetch a higher price. Starting at around $20 – $50, the price of dirty panties can creep into the thousands, depending on what and who the product is bought from.

According to Sell Used Panties, photos of the knickers and their matching bra will also cost the buyer more.