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Underwear Advice from Andi D

May 11, 2015 1 min read

Boxer briefs can save a man from embarrassing situations. This key bit of underwear advice – and a few others – comes from all-round art man, Andi D.

  • Boxer shorts don’t offer a lot of protection, being shapeless, loose and paper-thin, especially when the ‘privates’ have a mind of their own. Keep things hidden better with boxer briefs.
  • Always keep different styles of underwear for multiple occasions in a range of colours, reported Mens Underwear Reporter.
  • Wedgies happen. Either the hand in pocket approach or hand down the trousers, there’s no subtle way of picking a wedge. Just get it over with quickly and hope that nobody had a camera.
  • Go with a style that flatters your body type. You never know when you’ll get the chance to show them off.
  • And finally, always remember to remove yesterday’s undies from your work pants before putting them on. Otherwise you have a situation like Andi did of your underwear falling out of your trouser leg in the middle of the street in front of elderly people.